Light up the Gin!

Upcycling Lights is a small but exclusive designer label which is located close to Stuttgart. With its lamps made out of gin bottles, the brand offers unique handmade pieces of jewellery. The design of each lamp is inspired by everydays life and manufactured by ourselves. Not only the products of Upcycling Lights are beautiful but also convenient, simple and functional, therefore a highlight for every bed-, living- or hotel room.


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Whether a modern lampshade out of metal or a classic one – each lamp spotlights our passion for detail and is compounded out of premium material as for example cables with fabric cover. 

Not only uniqueness but also safety is part of our corporate culture. That’s why each piece of our collection is certified by CE regulations and is invested by a high quality standard. 

Designlamp with gold Gin
Designlamp with gold Gin

Classic Gin Sul and modern Brooklin Gin as high quality Upcycling Light
Classic Gin Sul and modern Brooklin Gin as high quality Upcycling Light

Make your own – Upcycling Light


Choose your own bottle for your individual long-time memory 


 Our online shop is not only limited to different highlights of our collection, furthermore every customer has the opportunity to send us his own bottle which will be an unique Upcycling Light very soon. Say bye to bottle banks and use the remains of your party night for your furnishings.



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Upcycling Lights, Jakobstraße 5, 70806 Kornwestheim,

Pics by Perreiraart and Upcycling Lights